First edition of BBO project – end of trainings
6 October 2020

Recently, in the ongoing first edition of Barriers Breaking Opportunity project, remote trainings has ended and the participants have taken the final exam. Now is the time for mentoring... See more

Where to get support when looking for a job?
10 August 2020

If our assumption is to find a satisfying job, and not "waiting" then it is definitely a job in itself and full-time. Some people manage to do it very quickly, others are unemployed for... See more

How to live consciously knowing the “4 contracts” described in the book by Miguel Ruiz?
6 August 2020

All people who have been domesticated are sick. Their mind is controlled by a parasite that feeds on negative emotions arising from fear. These emotions, ... See more

Job requirements – the most qualified candidate is NOT the best candidate
28 July 2020

The vast majority of job advertisements contain a range of requirements that a potential candidate should meet. We are talking about professional education, knowledge within a given iss... See more

Career Boost, Career Turn, Barriers Breaking Opportunity – what’s all this for?
23 July 2020

I would like to describe today's post from my own perspective. I work for a foundation as a participant in one of these great programs. I worked for a company in Krakow for many years, ... See more

Our help
21 July 2020

I would like to address today's post to people who are socially excluded for a variety of reasons. As you know, the goal of our Foundation is to help such people through the Career Turn... See more

“Calm at work” – you can try with this approach
14 July 2020

In today's post, I would like to share with you, a sure way to do work - in terms of work as activities that we perform every day, not just the "business" ones. ... See more

How to tame stress related to professional uncertainty?
10 July 2020

Ah, such a popular word. Stress. I would say that recently popular in these times, but probably every generation said so before, and every time brings a certain amount with it. Stress a... See more