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What is Career Turn?

This is a FREE, educational project for people who are interested in changing their career path, acquiring their competences and skills and who consider starting work in international corporations. Our goal is training support and effective professional and vocational  activation.

Who is the project addressed to?

The project is directed to people currently in a difficult situation on the labor market, the unemployed, threatened with losing their jobs or working below their qualifications, for example:

  • Youngsters – no higher education, no professional experience,
  • mature people – over 45 years old,
  • people with disabilities,
  • …but not only!

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Each participant has several dozen hours of practical training, coaching and  individual mentoring.
  • Support from volunteers who work in a corporation.
  • Participation in a prestigious project implemented in small groups (each edition is about 12-20 people).
  • A measurable result:  over 60% of the participants of previous editions have already started working.

What do we require from candidates?

The only thing we require is readiness to learn,  adaptability to new environment, flexibility and English at an intermediate level, as the classes will be conducted in that language.

What modules does the program contain

  1. Introduction to corporate environment module (structure, diversity,standard areas and procedures)
  2. Professional/hard skills module (MS Office, Labor Law, English language practice, job search/job interviews skills)
  3. Soft skills module (Assertiveness, time management, project management, communication, motivation, presentation)


For the sake of our and everyone’s safety, we decided to hold this year’s editions through online meetings.

We keep two editions that are no longer limited by location.

If the situation allows, our volunteers are interested in conducting coaching and mentoring meetings face to face with the participants.

One of the editions will take place on August 3-19, and coaching / mentoring is planned up to 3 months after the training, i.e. until mid-November.