Become a partner of  our new activity, Barrier Breaking Opportunity Program for BPO/SSC Sector delivered in a two parallel formula:

BBO – Development for Beneficiairies

  • Adapting to Corporate Culture and Behaviour
  • Mastering Business and Corporate English
  • Developing IT/Technology skills

BBO – Workshops for Ambassadors

  • Openess and tolerance for diversity
  • Exploiting undiscovered Resources
  • Developing talents – Train the Trainer program

Benefits of joining the project:

  • Potential job candidates will be prepared for entering the organization and familiarized with necessary entry level competences
  • Team leaders and managers are stimulated to support heterogeneity in work environment by allowing the unconsidered and excluded in their teams
  • Internal trainers and will get practical tools and methodology for effective adult learning  

Terms and condition of cooperation:

  • Financing the tailor– made, own program for dedicated location
  • Participating in already existing projects (3 parties agreement)

Learn more:

Tel 12 294 04 62