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MBA Human Capital Management postgraduate studies

Acting in accordance with the main value of the STELLA VIRIUM Foundation - i.e. lifelong learning - together with the Heuresis training company, we have become a co-organizer of the MBA Human Capital Management postgraduate studies at the University of Business in Wrocław!

These studies are carried out in the blended-learning formula - apart from online classes with a lecturer, students receive access to the e-learning platform, where they carry out additional lessons at a convenient time and pace.
The study program covers 2 semesters, and our main assumption is to prepare highly qualified managerial staff equipped with practical and effective management tools to co-create a personnel strategy in the organization. These are the only such studies in Poland, after completion of which participants receive not only the MBA diploma, but also the international certificate of the American Certification Institute®

The studies offer 11 thematic modules, including, inter alia, in the field of:

  • Management
  • Manager and leader
  • Manager as a catalyst of changes in the organization
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Finances
  • Strategic human capital management in the organization
  • Planning human capital in an organization
  • Competency management
  • Individual, team and organization development tools
  • HR management aspects of the 21st century
  • Labour Law

MBA Human Capital Management is a course prepared by practitioners and dedicated to specialists interested in knowledge and current management trends in the human resources sector. For more, please visit the website: