Another edition of the project is about to start – trainings in early June. More information on the dates below.

The aim of the free Career Boost project is to help people who have lost their jobs or are forced to change the occupation, including due to the current situation triggered by COVID-19.

Experts from UBS together with a group of volunteer trainers will share their knowledge and experience with everyone who is currently looking for a job.

As part of the project, we offer:

  • two-part, very practical webinar (2 x 4h),
  • individual mentoring- up to 3 individual meetings with a mentor.

During the webinar we will say:

  1. How to identify your strengths and talents and set goals like a professional
  • How to identify your goal and create a road map to achieve it
  • Personality types- how to understand where you fit in life
  • Tools for self-assessment and talent identification
  • 12 identification tags for contractors
  1. How to create a CV that your future employer will not be able to resist
  • What is the role of CV? Why do I have to do it and why do I have to do it right?
  • How to start?
  • The role of aesthetics in a professional CV
  • CV structure
  • Content of the CV: What should I put in my CV? What to avoid (photo, personal information etc.) In what language should you write your CV?
  • Evaluation of sample CVs of participants
  1. About the secrets of looking for a job
  • Formal approach to job search (company websites, job portals, LinkedIn)
  • Informal approach to job search (networking, recruitment, etc.)
  • How to make your search successful (job search criteria)
  • Analysis of job description with your qualifications
  • Tips and advices for finding a job
  1. How to prepare for a job interview (simulated interviews)
  • Recruitment techniques and methods of their effective preparation:
    • HireView- a description of this recruitment method, which involves checking the candidate’s specific skills using online questionnaires and video responses:
    • Telephone conversation- description of this method of telephone recruitment:
    • Conversations via Skype / Zoom / online- a description of the online recruitment method
  • Trial interviews (conducted with participants who have expressed their willingness and consent to send their CV):
    • A brief summary of strengths and areas of development based on the received CVs
    • Recruitment interviews in Polish, English or Polish with elements of English on the basis of received CVs
    • Division of HR volunteers into two groups of people who will conduct scheduled interviews with candidates (based on the number of HR volunteers)
    • Conclusions- constructive feedback session
  1. About employment law- what you need to know as an employee
  • A brief summary of your rights and obligations as an employee
  • Question and answer session
  1. How to work effectively from home
  • Why working at home can save your time and teach you better time management
  • Work from home as the best thing you can experience in your life (tips and tricks)

Webinar dates

7-8 June 2021The first group
9-10 June 2021The second group
15 June 2021Simulated recruitment interviews (for those interested from both groups)

The trainings will lead, among others:

Daniel Szczegielniak

  • After earning BA degree in Management (Aberdeen), attending International Business Course (Antwerp) and obtaining a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree in Management and Marketing, IT in Management (Wrocław), Daniel has been working for a number of large international organisations, supporting a variety of internal and external clients. 
  • In his current role he’s managing a small team of professionals creating and presenting clear and up to date picture of Group Tech and helping to meet the needs of GT Chief of Staff team and its stakeholders at UBS.
  • Among his many passions are resume creation, job interviews and recruitment process and general career mentoring.
  • In his free time, Daniel enjoys popular science and classical and contemporary philosophy and psychology literature as well as meditation, hiking and weightlifting.

Bartek Szczepanek

  • A historian and archivist by education (master’s degree from the University of Wrocław).
  • He gained professional experience in several different industries, including working as a Passenger Service Agent at the airport, servicing the Call Center for the British market, or as the main system administrator, where he had his first serious experience with project management.
  • Currently, he has been working as a Project Management Officer at UBS for 3 years, supporting colleagues from Switzerland, the United States, Great Britain and India in the preparation, implementation and administration of various projects.
  • He spends his free time with his family (i.e. his wife and sons), thinking about and performing other crazy activities.

All classes are conducted in Polish. To sign up, go here.