Job opportunities in Poland for people returning from emigration
3 July 2020

Return to the country is often associated with the uncertainty of finding yourself back in the domestic labor market. However, more and more people are deciding to take such a step due ...
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How to prepare a good CV?
30 June 2020

When applying for a job, we usually send our CV at the beginning of the road, because it is a mandatory condition in many job offers. The data from 2020 are quite meaningful - up to 90%...
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Why should we study our whole life?
23 June 2020

Lifelong learning is an idea about learning all one's life. In today's world of rapid exchange of huge amounts of information, it is no longer possible to deal with only one selected fi...
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Is teamwork important?
19 June 2020

It is widely known that every person needs interaction with other people. We have recently seen how hard it was, for most of us was, to completely cut off and stay at home. Already at t...
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Why is your approach to looking for a job so important?
16 June 2020

Changing jobs or the first job is undoubtedly a very stressful process. Of course, it involves a lot of financial responsibility, which just rests on a given family member. The time to ...
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